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Polaroid sx70

Polaroid sx70 - from sx70.dk

The Polaroid sx70 camera is a style icon - a high value design icon designed in 1972.

To day people around the world still love the sx-70 camera


sx70 or sx-70

Lars Bregendahl Bro,
Westend 10, DK-1661 Copenhagen,
Web: www.westend.dk
Email: sx70@sx70.dk

sx70.dk is on of the internet polaroid SX-70 galeries

If you are a sx70-photographer and would like to exhibit you polaroids on sx70.dk feel free to contact Lars Bregendahl Bro.

A Polaroid serie can be from 2 to 10 photos. Each photo can have a small text/title. If you like to have a larger text, the last photo can be used for this purpose.

No alternations or manipulations of the Polaroids at all, please. Only other criteria is that I like your Polaroids :-)

Email polaroids to sx70.dk

Polaroid SX-70 galeries

Remember to write your name, town, country, all titles (with photo-reference), URL (if you have a website) and please tell which film you used and what sx70 model you have.



Henrik Ingemann Nielsen
Lars Bregendahl Bro
Mette Thamdrup

George's Polaroid SX-70 pages

sx70 forever - Japan
sx70.com.br - Brazil
BlueOverBlue's Polaroids
SX-70 on Flickr




This is the index of sx70.dk - enjoy your stay :-)


Welcome to www.sx70.dk



This Online Gallery is a tribute to the "Polaroid SX-70" camera.
The folding Polaroid instant camera is designed by Henry Dreyfuss and was introduced back in 1972.

From the start the camera attracted famous designers, photographers and artists like Charles Eames, Helmut Newton and Andy Warhol, because of the instant image, the pastel-tinted colorphotos and the design.

Today the SX-70 is a design icon.

Visit www.sx70.dk


The Polaroid SX-70-family:

* SX-70
* SX-70 Alpha 1
* SX-70 Alpha 1 Executive
* SX-70 Alpha 1 SE
* SX-70 Alpha 2
* SX-70 Executive
* SX-70 Model 2
* SX-70 Model 3
* SX-70 Sonar OneStep
* TimeZero SX-70 AF
* TimeZero SX-70 AF Model 2
* SLR 680 & SLR 690

Polaroid sx70 onlinegallery

Link to FotoPortal

Polaroid sx-70 online gallery

ALL Folding SX-70 Cameras have the following features in common:
* 4-element 116mm f/8 glass lens
* Minimum focus: 10.4 inches
* Unit focusing via geared wheel at top of lens/shutter housing
* Electronic shutter
* Programmed automatic exposure
* aperture range f/8- f/22.
* Auto flash exposure based on focus distance.
* Built-in Flashbar socket for flash.
* Socket for electronic remote shutter release.

Link to Polanoid

Polaroid sx70 onlinegalleri

Polaroid sx 70 online galleri

Polaroid sx 70:

Polaroid Foto, Fotograf, Fotografi, Polaroid Kamera, Polaroid Camera



The SX-70 is a folding single lens reflex Land Camera which was produced by the Polaroid Corporation in the 1970s. Though Polaroid had considered a Henry Dreyfus-designed SLR for its Colorpack film, the SX-70 was the first instant SLR and the first camera to use Polaroid's new SX-70 integral print film, which developed automatically without the need for intervention from the photographer. The SX-70 was also notable for its elegant folding design, which allowed the camera to be compact enough to fit a man's suit-jacket pocket when collapsed. There was a variety of models beginning in 1972 with the original SX-70, though all shared the same basic design. The first model, sold in Florida in late 1972, had a plain focusing screen (the user was expected to be able to see the difference between in- and out-of focus) because Dr. Land wanted to encourage photographers to think they were looking at the subject, rather than through a viewfinder. When many users complained that focusing was difficult, especially in dim light, Dr. Land was forced to include a split-image rangefinder prism of the kind used on 35mm SLR focusing screens. The later Sonar OneStep and SLR 680 models were equipped with a sonar autofocus system, which permitted returning to the plain focusing screen. (Polaroid Corporation actually marketed this relatively inexpensive, novel sonar technology as a set of components to hobbyists in order for them to incorporate distance sensing into other systems.) Though expensive, the SX-70 was popular in the 1970s and retains a cult following today.































Photographers on this site:
Link til Henrik Ingemann Nielsen
Lars Bregendahl Bro
Link til Mette Thamdrup
Info about sx-70:
George's Polaroid SX-70 pages
Other sx-70 sites:
sx70 forever - Japan
sx70.com.br - Brazil
BlueOverBlue's Polaroids
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